How to reach the old village of Erice: from Palermo and Trapani

Erice how to reach

A small town with a medieval atmosphere, castled in a mount from where you can see Trapani’s sea: guess why it’s one of the most beautiful place in Sicily? You surely want to visit it during your holiday in Sicily, but you don’t know how to reach Erice.


How to reach Erice

The principal cities near Erice are Palermo and Trapani. It’s no coincidence that Erice is one of the most recommended excursion for the ones who are on holiday on the north-west side of Sicily.

  • From Trapani. It takes about half hour by car. All you have to do is take the provincial road 31 towards Erice. But pay attention, the road is uphill.
  • From Palermo. In this case, the journey is a bit longer and it takes about one hour and a half. From Palermo, take the A29 highway to Mazara del Vallo. Then follow the road signs to Trapani and follow the above mentioned instructions.


The cableway

If you don’t want to drive, this is the right choice. Once you arrive in Trapani, you have another possibility to reach Erice:

  • Take the train from Palermo to Trapani
  • Then take the cableway Trapani-Erice, which takes about 10 minutes

If you want more information about the cableway (times and ticket price), you can visit


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