Holiday on the east coast of Sicily: how to reach Ortigia

ortigia how to reach

You have probably already heard about it. And maybe you’ve seen a photo like the one here. A place like this remains impressed because it emanates history, fascination, ancient awesomenesses. Nothing strange if now you want to visit it, especially if you’re going to spend your holidays on the east coast of Sicily. Now you just need to know how to reach Ortigia.



Where does the fame of this place hail from? Maybe you don’t know, but you’re going to visit one of the most beautiful places in Sicily. It’s a small isle, connected by three bridges. The historic center of Syracuse is an authentic open-air museum: the most beautiful point is Duomo square, that is the acropolis of the ancient Greek city.


How to reach Ortigia

As said before, Oritigia is the historic center of the ancient city of Syracuse. The two principal and nearest towns are Catania and Ragusa.

  • Starting from Catania. You just have to take the Catania-Siracusa motorway following the road signs to Syracuse (once you arrive in Augusta, you’ll take the state road 114). The trip is about a hour long by car. Alternatively, there are numerous Pullmans that starts from Catania and goes straight to Ortigia.
  • Starting from Ragusa. We suggest to you to arrive in the inhabited center of Rosolini and, from here, take the A18 to Syracuse. The trip is about a hour and a half long by car.


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