How to reach Segesta: by car, train and bus

how to reach Segesta

It’s one of the most beautiful places in Sicily. And this could be the main reason to do this little excursion. A destination that you can’t miss if you’re spending your holiday in Sicily. There’s just one thing to explain: how to reach Segesta.



It’s an ancient city founded by the Elymians. Today isn’t inhabited anymore. It rises up on the peak of Barbaro mount, in a very suggestive position. Its principal points of interest are the Doric temple and the Greek theatre, which was created digging inside the rocks of the hill. In this place you’ll really have the sensation that time has stopped.


How to reach Segesta

Segesta is near Trapani and from Palermo it’s really easy to reach:

  • By car. Take the A29 motorway from Palermo to Trapani and follow the road signs to Calatafimi Segesta.
  • By train. This is the most easy way. You just have to take the train Palermo-Trapani and get off at the stop “Segesta”. For further information, visit
  • By bus. There are a lot of buses that start from the center of Trapani. Buses start from the bus station in Ciaccio square. For further information, visit the official site of the municipality of Trapani,


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