Jazz in Sicily 2016: notes and atmosphere of the Vittoria jazz festival

  • Published: 23-05-2016
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jazz in Sicily 2016: Vittoria jazz festival

Imagine a summer vacation in Sicily. A holiday where sounds and smells of sea and nature meet the pleasing and sophisticated notes of jazz music. This, for you, would be the perfect vacation. And it is easy to realize this dream. Because, from June 18th to 26th, the 2016 edition of Vittoria jazz festival will take place.


The program

  • June 18, Saturday: Conturband
  • June 18, Saturday: Rick Margitza quartet
  • June 19, Sunday: Giacomo Tantillo quartet, “Un incontro in jazz”
  • June 19, Sunday: ​Jesper Bodilsen, “Scenografie” (featuring Joe Barbieri)
  • June 20, Monday: Jazz school
  • June 20, Monday: Nello Toscano/Claudio Cusmano quartet, “Blowin’ in the wind”
  • June 20, Monday: Mauro Schiavone trio
  • June 21, Tuesday: Jazz school
  • June 21, Tuesday: Vittoria rotary jazz award – Semi-final
  • June 22, Wednesday: Jazz school
  • June 22, Wednesday: Vittoria rotary jazz award – Final
  • June 23, Thursday: Giovanni Digiacomo, “High Lights 4et”
  • June 23, Thursday: Pablo Held trio (featuring Christof Lauer)
  • June 24, Friday: Francesco Cafiso duo
  • June 24, Friday: David Pastor, “Nu Roots”
  • June 25, Saturday: Claudio Giambruno quartet (featuring Daniela Spalletta)
  • June 25, Saturday: Conturband
  • June 25, Saturday: Chris Cheek quintet, “Saturday Songs”
  • June 26, Sunday: Conturband
  • June 26, Sunday: Francesco Cafiso nonet “20 Cents Per Note”

Two of the most important scheduled events are Vittoria rotary award jazz and Vittoria rotary jazz school: the first is an award for emerging national and international artists; the second is for students and enthusiasts who want to discover the world of jazz music.


How to get there

Catania is the main tourist port from which you can reach Vittoria:

  • Take state highway 194 and state highway 514 following the road signs to Ragusa.
  • From Ragusa, take county road 13 and county road 18 following the road signs to Vittoria.

The journey by car takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Further information

For further information about the 2016 edition of Vittoria jazz festival, you can visit the official website of the event, Vittoriajazzfestival.com.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/michiluzzu

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