A jazz vacation to Sicily: 3 appointments for real connoisseurs


The sea of Sicily doesn’t need an introduction. And there is a way to make these views even more unforgettable: see them listening to jazz music. Especially if your vacation will be during these three events, among the most important of the island.


1. Vittoria jazz festival (June)

Vittoria is a small town not far from Ragusa. Here, usually in June, takes place an appointment that attracts musicians, artists, enthusiasts and tourists: it’s the Vittoria Jazz Festival, one of the most important jazz events of the year.

Official website: Vittoriajazzfestival.it


2. Messina sea jazz festival (May-June)

It’s possible to visit Messina in one day. But, if you are jazz enthusiasts and have planned the trip between late May and early June, it’s a good occasion to attend Messina sea jazz festival: an event that combines the charm of an evocative musical genre with the suggestions of a place where the legend meets the mirage.

Official website: Messinaseajazz.com


3. Catania jazz (stagione concertistica)

The souls of Catania are several. Specific itineraries will allow you to discover each of them. To these six, you have to add a seventh itinerary, enriched by the sound of jazz. We are talking about Catania Jazz. Not a single event but a concert season with many events throughout the year.

Sito ufficiale: Cataniajazz.com


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/jikatu

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