Spend a June 2017 long weekend in Sicily: 3 very special ideas for you

June 2017 long weekend in Sicily


You have exactly three days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. What better occasion to plan a holiday? Especially since you have already chosen the destination. And then, to spend a June 2017 long weekend in Sicily, we have three very special ideas for you.


1. Tastes and traditions

Exactly from June 2nd to 4th, will take place an event where you can taste one of the typical flavours of Sicily: it’s the 2017 edition of Nivarata, the Sicilian granita festival, a great event in Acireale.

Taste and not only. Because Acireale is near Catania, one of the most beautiful cities of Sicily, and near Etna, ideal destination for hikers. For a three-days holiday that combines culinary specialties, nature, traditions, culture and dreamy beaches.


2. Enchanting atmospheres

Atmospheres that only the historical districts of Palermo can offer. Since you have three days for this vacation, we suggest, in particular, to visit three of them, one per day:

  • Albergheria or Palazzo Reale: here, there are Palazzo del Normanni, Cappella Palatina and Ballarò;
  • Kalsa, ancient citadel built in the Tenth century;
  • Monte di Pietà or Seralcadio, where there is the cathedral of Palermo.

If you have another day available, you can complete this itinerary visiting also Castellammare or Loggia.


3. History and culture

That Sicily is an ancient place, there would not even need to say it. A land that was a Greek colony, and that preserves priceless treasures. Such these three archaeological sites:

  • Valle dei Templi (Agrigento);
  • Segesta (Trapani);
  • Selinunte (Trapani).

Planning the journey in the best way, you can visit them, one per day.


These three ideas will allow you to spend a very special June 2017 long weekend in Sicily. Now, you just have to book the ferry trip to Sicily.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/archer10

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