Fly on the waves of the sea: the 5 best spots for kitesurfing in Messina

kitesurfing in Sicily: Messina


The emotion to fly with your kite on a wonderful blue sea: this is what you want to feel during the next vacation. And you don’t want to reach far and exotic tourist destinations to do that. Because, once you will be in Messina, you will test your skills in the five best spots for kitesurfing in this part of Sicily.

  1. Baia della spiaggia di Torrente Guidara. From the town of Messina, take the state highway 114 towards south and you will get to this bay: the beach is sandy, very large and flat.
  2. Tremestieri. This spot is near the baia della spiaggia di Torrente Guidara. The beach is sandy. Tremestieri is a great spot but only during summer.
  3. Capo d’Orlando. It’s on the Tyrrhenian coast of the province of Messina: by car, it takes only one hour to get there from Milazzo. Once in Capo d’Orlando, you will find a very large and sandy beach, simply ideal for kitesurfing.
  4. Il Pilone. At capo Peloro, 15 kilometres from Messina. This spot is a large pebble beach, and it is always crowded, both in summer and winter. The water is very deep and the winds are very strong: for these reasons, il Pilone is not recommended for beginners.
  5. Mortelle. After capo Peloro and driving along the Tyrrhenian coast towards west, you will arrive in this spot, where sirocco wind is strong.

Now, there’s only one thing that you have to do: take you’re kite surf and plan the trip, because the five best spots in Messina are waiting only for you.


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