Vacation to Levanzo: these are the 5 most beautiful beaches to see

Levanzo beaches

It is one of the most beautiful islands of Sicily. Its coasts are usually high and steep. Along the coast, there are coves that will leave you breathless. And in these small bays you can find the most beautiful beaches of Levanzo.


1. Cala Dogana

It is the first beach that welcomes you to the island of Levanzo. Because it is located near the marina of the homonymous town. Cala Dogana is small and precious, the colour of the sea changes from emerald to turquoise.


2. Cala Fredda

One of the most beautiful beaches not only of Levanzo but also of Egadi Archipelago. Cala Fredda is a real, small jewel that rises from the sea of Sicily. It’s near the marina but we recommend getting there by boat trip, which will allow you to admire the beauty of the place.


3. Cala Minnola

Again, the advice is to get there by boat trip. A curiosity about the small Cala Minnola, the wildest of the island: near the beach there are the remains of an ancient structure, which dates back to Roman times, used for fish processing.


4. Cala Tramontana

Two rock cliffs overlooking the sea protect this small cove, among the most famous and visited of the island. A small pebble beach is located between these two cliffs. In this area there are several caverns and caves to explore.


5. Cala Faraglione

One of the most fascinating areas of Levanzo. The origin if the name is a small rugged island just off the coast. The sea between the coast and the rugged small island gives a wonderful glimpse of emerald sea.


The beaches of Levanzo are all jagged and wild, ideal for those who want to spend a couple of days in a pristine nature. If you are looking for sandy beaches, in this case the recommended destination is Favignana.


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