Things to do in Levanzo: 5 places that you should see

Levanzo things to do

It is the smallest of the Egadi Islands. Today, it is a place where you can immerse yourself in a wild, beautiful and quiet nature. This is Levanzo. And these are the things to see and to do.


1. The village of Levanzo

The best starting point of your vacation to Levanzo is its small village. Here, time seems to have stopped: small houses, the port, narrow streets. Everything is pervaded by the fragrance of the sea and by the tranquility.


2. The beaches

From the village of Levanzo, a short paved road leads to Spiaggia del Faraglione (literally “beach of the stack”), one of the most beautiful of the island. But not the only one. On the south-east coast there are two other small and beautiful beaches:

  • Cala Fredda
  • Cala Minnola

The fourth beach to see during this vacation is Cala Tramontana, not far from Spiaggia del Faraglione.


3. Grotta del Genovese

It is located north-west of the village. Discovered in 1949, on its walls there are cave paintings that represent a priceless documentation of the prehistory of Sicily, in particular of the Upper Paleolithic: the figures represent ancient deer, cattle and donkeys.


4. Shipwrecks

Between cala Minnola and punta Altarella, at a depth of 30 meters, there is the shipwreck of an ancient Roman ship: the bottom of the sea preserves the remains of the ship, about fifty amphorae and pottery shards. A great idea for scuba divers.


5. Favignana

During this vacation to Levanzo, you can’t miss to visit Favignana, the most famous of Egadi Islands thanks to its wonderful beaches.


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