Lipari Island what to do: you really have to see these 5 places

Lipari what to see

During this holiday in Sicily, you’d like to spend a day in Lipari. Or this island will be the only destination of the journey. In both cases, the question is this: what to see and what to do on Lipari Island?


1. The most beautiful beaches

The coast of Lipari is a succession of small gems near a fabulous sea. According to many who have visited this island, on Lipari there are some of the most beautiful beaches of Aeolian Islands. And if vacation for you means sun, sea and relaxation, the beaches of Lipari that you should see are these five:

  • spiaggia Bianca
  • spiaggia di Canneto
  • spiaggia Acquacalda
  • spiaggia Valle Muria
  • spiaggia Praia di Vinci

Each of them is different from each other and is recommended for a different kind of vacation (relaxation, water sports, fun, with children).


2. Lipari town

We can say that the main town of Lipari is a place with two souls:

  • the first Corso is Vittorio Emanuele, a street with many coffeehouses, bars and ice cream parlours
  • the second is Via Garibaldi, the most characteristic street of the town, where you can feel the authentic atmosphere of the island and get lost in its picturesque alleys

Walking along these two roads, you can discover the many places to see in the village: piazza Ugo Sant’Onofrio (or “Marina corta”) with its many bars and restaurants; the church of the Anime del Purgatorio (“Souls of Purgatory”); Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini (or “sopra la Civita”); the cathedral.


3. Lipari castle

It is a fortified citadel built on a fifty-meters-high volcanic rock overlooking the sea: you can see it from every part of the town. The city walls (and Sottocastello district) are the most impressive parts of the castle.

In the castle there is the Museo archeologico regionale eoliano (“Aeolian regional archaeological museum”): priceless archaeological finds (that date back to prehistory, to archaic, classical and Roman times) are protected in more than forty halls.


4. Canneto

Via Francesco Crispi, also known as Marina lunga, is a promenade that leads from the town of Lipari to Canneto hamlet. Popular tourist destination, Canneto is overlooked by Mount Rosa, the main street is Marina Garibaldi, Unci and Calandra are the two most famous beaches.


5. Nightlife

We can’t talk about what to see and what to do on Lipari Island without a little bit of fun. Turmalin and Sealight are the two largest discotheques on the island, where you can dance until dawn. In Piazza Ugo di Sant’Onofrio and along Corso Vittorio Emanuele there are pubs and clubs. In Summer, several events take places on the beaches of the island.


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