Madonie Park Sicily: things to do and places to see

Madonie Park SicilyArrive in this park from Palermo is very easy: take A19 highway towards Catania, follow the road signs to Buonfornello, Scillato or Tremonzelli. It takes a little more than one hour to get there. One hour and you will visit Madonie Park, in Sicily.

One you will arrive in the park, you discover that the things to and the places to see are several.

Trails – They represent the main and most famous attraction of the park, recommended for hikers. The paths through Madonie Park are numerous, and they will allow you to discover the nature and the many villages in the area.

Horse trails – Currently, there is only one horse trail in the park, from Baita del Faggio to Vecchio Frantoio. One of the most suggestive way to discover Madonie Park.

Geopark – Archaeological sites of inestimable value for the quality of the finds: Madonie Geopark is one of the several jewels inside the park, and it includes museums, trails, educational activities.

Museums – In a place like this, culture has a place of honor. Culture that is protected and valued in several museums the municipalities within Madonie Park: we can mention “Fra Giammaria da Tusa” (ethno-anthropological and sacred art museum) in Gibilmanna, “Raffaello Piraino” (traditional costumes museum) in Polizzi Generosa, Museo Ambientalistico Madonita in Polizzi Generosa, Museo Mandralisca in Cefalù.

Amusement parks – They could be an excellent sollution if you are looking for a holiday in Palermo with children. In fact, there are three amusement parks within Madonie Park: Archeodromo Madonie, Piano Zucchi and Madonie Adventure Park.

For more information about Madonie Park in Sicily (opening hours, ticket price, guided tours) visit the official website of the park,


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