The most beautiful beaches of Marettimo: places that you must see

Marettimo beaches

For you, it’s been hard to decide, because the main islands of this archipelago should be to visit. Finally, you have chosen which island to see: Marettimo. But, if you want to spend a really memorable vacation, you need to know which are the most beautiful beaches. These:


Beaches within walking distance

The village of Marettimo has two ports, scalo vecchio (north) and scalo nuovo (south). Here you can find two small sandy beaches: the sea is clear and they are two very good solutions to bathe.

Another beach within walking distance is Praia dei Nacchi: it takes about twenty minutes to get there from the village of Marettimo, taking the path towards the cemetery. Praia dei Nacchi is a pebbly and sandy beach.

Always taking the easy and paved path towards the cemetery, it’s possible to reach two other pebbly beach in about fifteen minutes: ‘sotto al cimitero’ and del Rotolo.


Sandy beaches

The beaches of Marettimo are wild and pristine (and are famous for these reasons). The main sandy beaches are the aforementioned scalo vecchio, scalo nuovo and Praia dei Nacchi.

In addition to these, we must mention the small beach of Cretazzo, a mixture of sand and pebbles: among the most beautiful island, it takes about one hour and three-quarters to get there from the village of Marettimo walking along the easy path towards Punta Libeccio


Places to see

Reach these four beaches is rather hard. But these are, so to speak, the most beautiful among the most beautiful of the island:

  • Cala Nera is near the lighthouse of Punta Libeccio. You can get there only swimming or by boat trip.
  • Cala Manione and scalo Maestro are the two most northern beaches of the island. The path to get there is quite steep.
  • Cala Bianca is reachable only a via trekking path or by boat trip.


Beach and facilities

The beaches of Marettimo, as already said, are famous for being pristine and wild. The only beaches where you can find some facilities are scalo vecchio and scalo nuovo.


The last advice. Egadi Islands are located a short distance from each other. Once you’ve visited Marettimo, you could see the beaches of Levanzo.


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