Marettimo what to do: 5 things to see during your holiday here

Marettimo what to do

You have chosen your island. And booked the ferry trip. Be sure of this: your vacation will be really unforgettable. Now you have only to decide what to do on Marettimo island. Well, you should see these five places.


1. Beaches

The first thing to do is the main reason (but not the only one) for which, every year, hundreds of visitors choose this island for their holidays. Sandy, wild, with several service and/or easy to reach: on Marettimo island, you will surely find the perfect beach for you.

Then there are four beaches that could be considered the most beautiful of the island: cala Nera, cala Manione, scalo Maestro, cala Bianca. Reach some of them is quite difficult but it’s worth it.


2. The caves

The coastline of Marettimo is jagged. And with several caves. In particular, these eight are the most beautiful: places such as Grotta del Cammello, Grotta del Presepe and Grotta del Toro

To reach these caves, you can:

  • Get there renting a boat
  • Book a boat trip from the port of Marettimo


3. Diving

The sea of Marettimo, full of life and colours, is beautiful even under the surface. The best dive sites are four: Punta San Simone, Punta Libeccio, Grotta del Cammello and la Cattedrale.

You don’t have necessarily to be experienced divers. On the island you will find several diving centres: qualified diving instructors will allow you to dive even if you are a beginner or if it’s the first time you wear wetsuit.


4. The castle of punta Troia

On the homonymous promontory of the island, the castle was built overlooking the sea. From the lower floor, a staircase leads to the second room. Here, a staircase leads to the terrace which is located on top of the structure. You will not forget so easily the view that you will admire.


5. Case romane

Among the things to do on Marettimo island, there are the so-called Case romane (literally, “Roman houses”): it is a military garrison that the Romans built after the First Punic War; today, in this archaeological site, located near Marettimo town, there are two small buildings and a church.


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