Megara Hyblaea: 5 things to know to discover a real treasure of Sicily

Megara Hyblaea


The most famous archaeological sites in Sicily are four. Are you planning to spend a vacation to discover the fascinating history and culture of this island? Then, there is another place you should see: we are talking about Megara Hyblaea. And these are the five things you should know.


1. What to see

In 1867, the excavation work for the construction of the Catania-Syracuse railway unearthed the remains of Megara Hyblaea, a Greek colony founded in 728 BC by colonists from Megara. Today, you can admire of this ancient colony:

  • Agora;
  • Hellenistic baths;
  • Heroon (a monumental shrine erected in memory of a hero);
  • Walls;
  • Hellenistic temple;
  • Remains of an archaic temple;
  • Prytaneum (the public building of the chief magistrate);
  • metal workshop;
  • Several houses (ruins).

In addition, in the Museo archeologico regionale Paolo Orsi in Syracuse there are several relics from Megara Hyblaea.


2. How to get there

Megara Hyblaea is located in the territory of Megara Giannalena, near Augusta. To get there from Syracuse, take the county road 114 and follow the road signs to Megara Hyblaea. The journey by car takes about thirty minutes.


3. Opening times

The Megara Hyblaea archaeological site is open every day 8:30am to 4:30pm. The ticket office closes at 3:30pm.


4. Ticket prices

  • Full price tickets: 4 euros.
  • Reduced price tickets: 2 euros.


5. Further information

For further information about the archaeological site of Megara Hyblaea (guided tours, events, any change), you can visit the official page of Regione Sicilia website.


Image source: Di Davide Mauro – Opera propria, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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