Messina jazz festival 2015: great music on the Strait

  • Published: 25-05-2015
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Messina jazz festival 2015

The Strait of Messina is not only a place of legends and mirages. Jazz notes make this city even more magical and suggestive. Especially from May 29 to June 6, 2015. When will take place the new edition of Messina jazz festival.


The program

June 2:

·         Pluriverso Trio (Cosimo Costantino: clarinet – Antonino Magazzù: electric bass – Angelo Tripodo: drums)

·         Giovanni Mazzarino “Piani paralleli” (Giovanni Mazzarino: pianoforte – Fabrizio Bosso: trumpet – Riccardo Fioravanti: double bass – Stefano Bagnoli: drums)

·         Orchestra of Teatro Vittorio Emanuele (orchestra leader: Paolo Silvestri).

June 3:

·         No Game 5et (Daniela Spalletta: voice – Claudio Giambruno: saxophone – Giovanni Conte: pianoforte – Giovanni Villafranca: double bass – Antonio Leta: drums)

·         Dado Moroni: pianoforte – Giuseppe Cucchiara: double bass – Stefano Bagnoli: drums – Giovanni Cutello: sax – Matteo Cutello: trumpet

June 4:

·         Umberto Capilongo Quintet (Umberto Capilongo: guitar – Francesco Patti: saxophone – Roberto Mezzatestra: pianoforte – Giuseppe Campisi: double bass – Marcello Arrabito: drums)

·         Javier Girotto Quartet (Javier Girotto: saxophone – Seby Burgio: pianoforte – Nello Toscano: double bass – Giuseppe Tringali: drums)

June 5:

·         Sam Mortellaro Trio feat. Nicola Caminiti (Nicola Caminiti: saxophone – Sam Mortellaro: pianoforte – Angelo Minacapilli: double bass – Francesco Alessi: drums)

·         “George Gershwin, Una Scala verso il Paradiso” (Stefano Di Battista: sax – Seby Burgio: pianoforte – Alberto Fidone: double bass – Giuseppe Tringali: drums)

·         Orchestra of Teatro Vittorio Emanuele

All concerts will take place at Messina sea jazz club.


Between concerts and jam sessions

You are in the city on the Strait. This means that, between concerts and jam sessions, you could visit Messina: the things to see are Piazza della Repubblica, viale San Martino, piazza Cairoli, piazza Duomo, la fontana di Orione, la chiesa dei Catalani. And there are beaches such as Baia del Tono, Capo Alì, Isola Bella, Scario, Giardini-Naxos.


More information

For more information about Messina jazz festival 2015, visit the official fanpage of the event.


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