Messina: the legend of Orione and Capo Peloro

Messina’s legends: OrioneThe fountain of the same name is in Piazza Duomo, in the centre of Messina. The structure of the fountain is pyramidal, on the top there is the Giant hunter of the Greek and Latin mythology, with its dog Sirio. The fountain is the evidence that the Orion’s legend is related to the birth of the Messina Strait.

Orion was the son of Poseidon and Euriale, infallible hunter, considered the most beautiful human being who was killed by Artemis, the goddess of hunting (Orion was in love of her) by an arrow, tricked by Apollo. For an eternal memory, Artemis put in the sky the image of Orione and Sirio.

The myth of Orione is also related to the myth of Peloro, born of the dragon’s teeth seed by Cadmo: according to Omero, Peloro would be an epithet of Orione. According to others authors Peloro was born of Orione: the Giant built there a temple dedicated to her father Poseidon , the god of sea.

The legend of Capo Peloro and Orione has also another version related by the Hannibal’s feats. Peloro was the name of an helmsman of a ship, who Hannibal killed for a mistake. For this reason Hannibal dedicated to Peloro a promontory where built a statue.


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