Messina, the Vara procession 2015: an event of devotion

  • Published: 10-07-2015
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Vara procession 2015

In this occasion the people of Messina show their devotion and religious passion. The appointment is on August 15th: an occasion to spend the feast of the Assumption immersed in the traditions of the city on the “Stretto”. And the Vara procession will be held also in 2015.


The origins

“Vara” is a transliteration of the word “bara” (coffin in Italian): it’s a connection with the coffin where there are the rests of the Madonna Dormiente (literally, “Sleeping Madonna”). The Vara is essentially a big votive machine which is 13 meters tall and 8 tons of weight. It represents the Madonna and The Redeemer surrounded by the Angels.


The procession

The August 15th is the day when Messina expresses all of its joy. This big machine is pulled by believers with some long ropes (two hawsers which are 100 meters long that are pulled by two teams), and it’s carried around the streets of Messina.

The start is one of the most awesome moments. And so is the “girata” (a turn), when the Vara goes from Garibaldi street to I Settembre street: if the turn goes well, you can express a wish about your future. And thousands of people wait for the Vara in Duomo square, where the procession ends.


More information

If you want more information about the 2015 edition of the Vara procession in Messina, you can visit the official site of the municipality of Messina,


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