Messina: the 7 most beautiful beaches overlooking the Strait

The most beautiful beaches in MessinaMessina is the place of history and culture. But also of beaches, which have nothing to envy to the other of the island. The Strait city is the destination of your next holiday in Sicily? Then, find out which are the seven most beautiful beaches of Messina, will help you find the best places to enjoy the sun, sea and relaxation.

The black beaches of Vulcano – This beaches extend along the stretch of the northern coast of the island. And the name is derived from their volcanic origin: it is a series of black sand beaches, all reachable from Porto di Ponente. The coastline is long, enough equipped, and the sea is always calm.

Beach of Isola Bella – It is close to Taormina, a short distance from Messina. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of eastern Sicily. The beach takes its name from the small rocky island, just a kilometer large, connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. The beach, on the opposite bank, is gravel.

Capo Alì beach– It is located in Ali Terme, at the same distance from Taormina and Messina, about 25 kilometers. It’s a long coastline made of pebbles, the area is almost completely untouched, smooth rocks rise from the water and the sea is clear and transparent, with colorful backdrops and rich in fishes (ideal for snorkeling and diving).

Tono bay – Among the most famous beaches of Milazzo, and definitely a favorite for local people, who still call it ‘Ngonia, “corner”, for its particular form: proceed straight for miles and then suddenly bend, forming a rocky ridge jutting into the sea.

Scario beach – On Salina island, on the northern side. Once there were a seaport for the ships that were en route to Campania. Today Scario beach is made of pebble and rounded small stones, surrounded by Mediterranean scrub. It is an ideal beach especially for long baths in total relaxation.

Beach of Naxos Gardens – Another beautiful resort located at a short distance from Taormina. Its beaches are very different from each other, between fine sand and pebbles, and extend from Cape Schisò to Capo Taormina.

Pollara – The seventh of the most beautiful beaches of Messina is also located on Salina island. It is located at the northwest of the island of Sicily. It is a coast of stones and gravel, of volcanic origin, by the dark color, at the base of a cliff overlooking the sea. The sea corresponds to an ancient crater smoothed by water.


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