The most beautiful Sicilian islands: 8 destinations among sea, beaches and volcanoes

most beautiful Sicilian islands


Real pearls that rise from the sea of Sicily. However, during the holidays, the time available is never enough. So: what are the most beautiful Sicilian islands? Here you can find the destinations that you really shouldn’t miss.


1. Favignana

Aegadian Island. Amazing caves, crystal clear sea, a cosy small town. Favignana has been and still is the chosen destination of artists, writers, poets, painters from all over the world fascinated by its nature and beauty.


2. Levanzo

Aegadian Island. The marina and the picturesque village (a small and quiet hamlet) are the first things to fascinate on this island, the closest to Trapani. Its coasts are usually high and steep, with many coves and several beaches reachable only via sea. For a vacation dedicated to relaxation.


3. Stromboli

Aeolian Islands. The “youngest” of the archipelago, immediately recognizable by the high cone of the volcano. A very special island thanks to the colour of the black sand, which enhances the colour of the sea. It’s still possible to see the characteristic white houses of Stromboli.


4. Alicudi and Filicudi

Aeolian Islands. Alicudi and Filicudi are two “sister islands” where nature is still untouched: both of them rises from the sea with their jagged coastlines and their barren landscape: an island recommended for hikers.


5. Panarea

Aeolian Islands. Panarea is the smallest island in the archipelago. And even the most rugged: in its coastline there are precious coves. This is an island where nature is lush, even near the small towns.


6. Lipari

Aeolian Islands. The largest of the archipelago. There are several coves from north to south along the coast of the island (such as Marina Corta and Marina Lunga). The municipality was built near the ancient Greek acropolis, which today the fortress of the Castle.


7. Pantelleria

Island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea that still preserves findings of different ancient cultures: Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs. The jagged coastline of the island rises from a blue sea, and the mountain is entirely covered with evergreen woods.


8. Lampedusa

Pelagie Islands. The largest of the three islands of the archipelago. The greatest beauty of Lampedusa is its limestone coastline, with several coves and small beaches.


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