New year’s eve 2015 Sicily: between markets and concerts

  • Published: 22-12-2014
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New year’s eve 2015 SicilyChristmas markets, music, an evening in the place with folks, fireworks that light up the sky of the last ( and oh the first) night of year: all this is the New Year’s eve 2015 in Sicily. A memorable experience. And here, there are three destinations for your trip.



Like every year, the most important moment of the New Year’s eve is the big concert in the place, with traditional fireworks show. The appointment, as usual, is in Castelnuovo place, also called Politeama place. The name of the singer who will show is still unknown ( for more information visit

And waiting the New Year you can discover the beautiful Christmas markets of Palermo where you can find a lot of low cost gift ideas.



Even in Catania, the New Year’s eve is outdoor. The location is the evocative Duomo Place. Amusement, folks and fireworks are sure, but the name of the singer who will exhibit o the stage is still unknown ( for more information visit the website

And if you want to do shopping at Catania, there are many Christmas markets: Viagrande, Aci Trezza, Nicolosi and Caltagirone. This is also the opportunity to discover these small villages of Sicily.



New year’s eve 2015 outdoor even for Messina. For this appointment the big concert will take place in Duomo place in front of thousands people. To know the name of the singers visit the website Don’t lose the amazing fireworks show.

Have you chosen where to spend your New Year’s eve 2015 in Sicily? Book the trip by ferry and leave for this splendid island in the Mediterranean Sea.


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