New Year’s Eve 2016 in Sicily: we have 3 good ideas for your vacation

  • Published: 25-11-2015
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New Year’s Eve 2016 in Sicily

Christmas 2015 in Sicily is an eventful, charm and rich in traditions moment of the year. Once you are there, what about spending New Year’s Eve 2016 in this beautiful island? We have three ideas that will allow you to greet the arrival of the new year in Sicily.


1. In the square

Your desire is to celebrate New Year in the square, with a bottle of champagne ready to be uncorked, many people who, as you, want to welcome the new year and, possibly, with a little bit of good music. In short, you would like to attend the classic New Year’s concert in the square.

In this case, the recommended destinations for this New Year’s Eve 2016 in Sicily are Palermo and Catania: on this occasion, several concerts take place in the streets and in the squares of these two cities (for more information, visit the websites and


2. Theme nights

Practically, in every city of Sicily (especially in the larger ones such as Palermo, Catania and Messina), special theme nights take place in restaurants, hotels, pubs and clubs.


3. Dance until dawn

The recommended destinations, once again, are Catania and Palermo. For two different reasons:

  • In Palermo there are several discotheques and clubs where you can dance until dawn and welcome the New Year.
  • Catania is a very good starting point to visit Sicilia east coast and, in particular, to reach Taormina, famous for its clubs.


Now, you have to do only two things: choose you favorite one among these ideas to spend New Year’s Eve 2016 in Sicily and book a ferry trip.


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