Spending New Year’s Eve 2017 in Palermo: there are 2 events that you shouldn’t miss

  • Published: 16-12-2016
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New Year’s Eve 2017 in Palermo


You have chosen the capital city to spend New Year’s Eve 2017 in Sicily. In this case, in Palermo will take place two events that you really shouldn’t miss. And this is the itinerary that we recommend you to spend the last day of the year in one of the most beautiful Mediterranean cities.



The best way to spend this day is to discover the ten most beautiful places in Palermo: so, you’ll feel the very special atmosphere that blankets the Sicilian capital city during Christmas.

In the morning, the places to see are five:

  • The Palatine Chapel;
  • The beach of Mondello;
  • The historical markets of Ballarò;
  • The beach of Addaura;
  • The cathedral.

In particular, take all the time you need to admire the Palatine Chapel: it is a real masterpiece of Byzantine architecture. And the two beaches, even in winter, will give you beautiful views.


For lunch

You will walk a lot to see these places and you will surely be hungry. While walking around, return to Ballarò. Here, you will find many peddlers who will offer you the typical street food of Palermo: panelle, sfincione, pani câ meusa, cannoli, cassate.



It’s time to continue discovering the most beautiful places of Palermo. The five stages of the afternoon are:

  • The district of Kalsa;
  • The qanat (a complex of tunnels and galleries);
  • Monte Pellegrino;
  • Parco della Favorita;
  • The Sanctuary of Saint Rosalia.



It’s not New Year’s Eve without the dinner. For the last day of the year, hotels and restaurants in the old town center will offer special menus that will allow you to taste some of the typical dishes of Palermo, such as caponata, pasta con le sarde, anelletti al forno, sarde alla beccafico, capretto con patate, chiocciole.


In the square

Finally, all together in the streets to toast for the arrival of the new year and listen to good music. For this New Year’s Eve, two events are scheduled:

  • In piazza Giulio Cesare;
  • In via Ruggiero Settimo/piazza Castelnuovo.


Now that you have the itinerary to spend New Year’s Eve 2017 in Palermo, there’s only one things left to do: book a ferry trip to Sicily.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/gnuckx

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