Bellini’s Norma 2015: the great opera in an ancient Greek theater

  • Published: 22-06-2015
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Norma Bellini 2015

During a tour along eastern Sicily, or while you are visiting the most beautiful places of the island, there is an event that you cannot miss. Especially if opera is your great passion. Only one thing matters: you have to be in the ancient Greek theater of Syracuse. Where on July 4, 10, 18 and 25, 2015, will take place Vincenzo Bellini’s Norma.


The plot

Can you imagine a better location for an opera set in Gaul during Roman empire? We reval only the plot. The priestess Norma is the daughter of Oroverso, the head of the Druids. And she was the mistress of the Roman proconsul Pollio, with whom she had two children. Children parented by the faithful Clotilde unbeknownst to everyone. But Pollio falls in love with Adalgisa, a young novice of the temple of Irminsul, and decides to leave Norma.


The cast:

  • Chiara Taigi soprano (Norma)
  • Piero Giuliacci tenor (Pollione)
  • Nancy Fabiola Herrera (Adalgisa)
  • Giuseppe Di Stefano (Flavio)
  • Anna Consolaro (Clotilde)


Hot to get there

  • From Catania: take the A18 towards Syracuse.
  • From Ragusa: arrive in Rosolini and take A18 towards Syracuse.

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