Palace of Norman: timetable and useful info

palace-of-norman-timetableIt’s the most ancient royal residence of Europe and one of most visited monuments of Sicily. Palace of Norman is really an unmissable destination if you are going to visit this land so rich of story and culture. Discovering much more about this suggestive abode of Palermo, with some useful information.

The palace

In ancient times Royal Palace, abode of the Sicilian kings and imperial headquarters with Federico II and Corrado IV. The Palace of Norman today is the headquarters of Sicilian Regional Assembly. We are in Palermo, in Piazza Indipendenza precisely. The first realization of this majestic building was thanks to the arabian domination of the IX century, when the Qasr was built, that then it became a monumental complex thanks to the Norman. This is the visible mark of the power of the monarchy. The result of this thing was a royal abode made by buildings with shapes of towers, portico, gardens, goldsmiths and production of textile. In 1132 the Palatine Chapel was built, it is located at the first level of the Palace. Then, with the bourbon domination, other boardrooms were built and the Room of Ercole was restored, with its frescoes dedicated to mythological challenges. And now we arrive at the recent story, when in 1947 the Palace of Norman became headquarters of Sicily Region.

Useful Info

If  you are travelling in Palermo, you cannot miss a visit at the Palace of Norman. From Tuesday to Thursday the building houses the work of the Assembly. Then, the days available to discover all the magnificent of this place are:

  • Friday;
  • Saturday;
  • Sunday;
  • Monday;
  • All holidays.

The timetable

  • From 8:15 to 17:45 last entrance allowed up to 17;
  • From 8:15 am to 13 holidays and Sundays, with last entry allowed up to 12:15.

The ticket at full fare costs 8, 50 euro; the reduced one has a cost of 6.50 euro.
Visitors aged 65 and over will be able to visit the Palace at a special price, reduced to 5.00 euro.
Groups of visitors, such as students,  for a reservation, will have to contact the Federico II Foundation.
History and culture are waiting for you in Palermo. Book your ferry to Sicily and good trip!


Image source: Wikipedia (Wikimedia commons)

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