Palermo: how you can get to the famous Saint Rosalia sanctuary

Saint Rosalia sanctuary Palermo

It is one of the most characteristic places of Palermo. Built inside a cave, almost on top of Pellegrino Mount, it hosts the relics of one of the most beloved and venerated saints of Palermo. And to know how to reach Santa Rosalia sanctuary, here you have the several solutions you may choose.


On foot

Recommended solution especially for hikers. Starting from the roundabout at the beginning of via Pietro Bonanno, at the foot of Pellegrino mounts, you have two paths:

  • Along the so-called Scala Vecchia (literally “old staircase”, it takes about an hour and a half)
  • Along the paved road (it takes about two hours)

You can arrive at the foot of Pellegrino mount with the bus 812.


By bus

You haven’t a car or a motorcycle and you don’t want to go there on foot. In this case, go to Piazza Don Luigi Sturzo (a large square), close to the theater, in the central part of Palermo: from here, a bus will bring you to the sanctuary.


By car

You can arrive at Santa Rosalia sanctuary directly by car. You have only to take Via Monte Ercta and drive for about 7 and a half kilometers, until you reach the sanctuary. Be careful because the road is uphill.


By train

If you have decided to get to Palermo by train, from the central station of Palermo you have to take any bus that goes towards Piazza Politeama, Piazza Don Sturzo or Via Monte Pellegrino: from these three points, you can take the bus 812, which goes up to the sanctuary.


By ship

Have you arrived in Palermo by ferryboat? In this case, arrive in Via Francesco Crispi (it’s a road near the port) and take a bus that arrives in Via Monte Pellegrino. From here, take the bus 812.


More information

Now you know how to get there. For more information about Santa Rosalia Sanctuary in Palermo (opening times, guided tours), you can visit


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