Palermo street food fest: all the tastes of the 2016 edition

  • Published: 12-12-2016
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Palermo street food fest 2016


Christmas, you know, is also a moment to taste culinary specialties. Especially if you have chosen the Sicilian capital city for this holiday. To discover some of the culinary delights of the city, take note of this event: the Palermo street food fest 2016, which will take place from December 15th to 18th.


The festival

Via Roma and Piazza Sant’Anna are the two places where you can taste the street food of Palermo and from the whole world: this real “gastronomic village” will be enriched by the scents of specialities such as panelle, crocchè, kebab, shawarma, Sicilian pizza and pani câ meusa (a sort of spleen sandwich).

Street food and not only. In fact, the four days of the event will be enlivened by cooking shows, workshops, debates, guided tours, concerts, street artists, and tastings.



The opportunity to taste the culinary traditions from around the world in one place is the main reason that brought you here. But you are in one of the most beautiful Mediterranean cities and not visit it would be a shame. In particular, to discover some of the most beautiful places that Palermo can offer to all its visitors, there are seven different itineraries:

  • In one day
  • The beaches
  • The surroundings
  • On foot
  • The Arab soul
  • The Norman soul
  • The secret Palermo

To these, we should add another one: is the Arab-Norman Palermo itinerary, Unesco world heritage.


Further information

For further information about the 2016 edition of Palermo street food fest (full programme, any changes), you can visit the official website of the event,


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