Panarea Island: these are the 5 most beautiful beaches

Panarea beaches

Aeolian Islands are eight. Each of these islands is recommended for a different kind of holiday. If your dream is to spend a couple of days enjoying the sun, lying in uncontaminated places and admiring a wonderful sea, well, you should know which are the five most beautiful beaches of Panarea Island.

  1. Cala Junco. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Aeolian Islands, on the southern coast of Panarea. It’s easy to reach from the town of San Pietro. The spectacle of this small amphitheatre-shaped bay and of its basalt rocks is unique.
  2. Spiaggia della Calcara. On the north coast of the island, it is famous for the fumaroles (emissions of steam and gases). This small sandy beach can be reached walking along a path from Iditella.
  3. Cala degli Zimmari. Near conca di Drautto, passed a rocky promontory on the south coast, there is the only real sandy beach of Panarea: the colour of the sand of Cala degli Zimmari is reddish. The sand intensifies the blue of the sea. Cala degli Zimmari is usually very crowded in Summer.
  4. Basiluzzo. In this case, it is a small island not far from Panarea. It’s like a big rock with jagged cliffs overlooking the sea. Completely uninhabited, along its coast you can find several spots and tiny coves where to swim. We recommend to visit Basiluzzo by boat tour.
  5. Punta Milazzese. There is an ancient prehistoric village southwest of San Pietro pier, to see during this holiday in Panarea. Near the prehistoric village there is a small and charming beach, touched by a blue and emerald sea.

Are the most beautiful beaches of Panarea not enough for you and you’d like to see other places places during this holiday in Sicily? Well, Lipari and its wonderful beaches are really near.


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