Toward Parco dei Nebrodi: one of the most beautiful excursions from Messina

excursions messina nebrodi

Messina is mostly known for its sea and for the possibility to reach Eolie islands. But this city has so much surprises, especially for the lovers of nature and trekking. Surprises like Nebrodi regional park, an idea for an excursion during your holidays in the city on the Strait.

What to see – Waterfalls, woods, mountains, lakes: the nature in Parco dei Nebrodi is really variegated and offers always new panoramas. Rocche del Crasto, Catafurco waterfall and the Tassita wood are just some of the main places, but not the only. Moreover, the park is crossed by numerous paths.

How to reach from Messina – To reach Parco dei Nebrodi from Messina there are two ways: you can take the A20 motorway to Palermo and then the state road 116, or you can take the state road 289 (always from the A20). The trip by car, boarded in one of the ferries to Messina, lasts more than two hours.

More information – The official site of the regional park Parco dei Nebrodi is Here you can find all the information you need to organize your excursion: guided visits, opening times, tickets.

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