Immerse yourself in a movie-like scenario: Pollara Beach

Pollara beachYou are looking for a wild and uncontaminated place, near a clear sea. A place where you can have the sensation of being light years away form modernity, from stress, from the daily humdrum. Such a place exists, and is located on the island of Salina. This is Pollara beach.

Salina is the place of the Aeolian Islands for those who want to enjoy a holiday in Sicily dedicated solely to relaxation. And that of Pollara is one of the most beautiful beaches of Messina: a coastline made of volcanic rocks and dark gravel; behind him stands a tall white cliff overlooking the sea, which at sunset is tinged with red; the sea, needless to say, is absolutely crystal clear.

Once immersed in the waters of the sea, you will swim in a rock ledge corresponds to the edge of an ancient volcanic crater, honed from the sea and from the fire. Some scenes of the film The Postman by Massimo Troisi were filmed right here.

Pollara beach is easily reached by sea. The land route is quite challenging: from the center of Pollara you have to walk along a dirt path and very steep for about 30 minutes, the path that leads to the sea. Not suitable for a trip with the kids, Pollara beach is instead recommended for those seeking for total relaxation, unspoilt scenery and romantic sunsets.


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