Praiola di Giarre beach: cliffs and wilderness

Praiola di Giarre beachPraiola di Giarre, the beach nestled in the coastal stretch of Chiancone, represents the cross and the delight of the visitors of Sicily.

Not far from the city of Catania, Praiola Giarre beach is certainly one of the most characteristic of the island. This is not in fact the usual fine sandy beach. No, Praiola di Giarre boasts a promenade of pebbles and stones of volcanic origin. It is not suitable for those in search of soft sand, but is the real paradise for those who love beautiful landscapes and spend their holidays in search of landscapes and places of immense beauty.

Uncrowded, despite the nearby popular camping, the beach is surrounded by a tuff ridge that gives it considerable appeal and its back there is space for an imposing cliff. Relaxation and tranquility are assured, as well as the crystal clear sea. Given the presence of the pebbles, the advice is to bring shoes in order to enjoy the beach and bathing in total freedom.

The beach Praiola Giarre preserve a decidedly wild nature. However in this area there is a small kiosk where to find rest, in addition to the camping where you have easy access to the beach. To get there you have to go to the town of Riposto and then head to the camping.

Plan your trip to Sicily by the sea and relax and do not miss this fascinating stage in Praiola Giarre.

Plan your holidays in Sicily under the sign of the sea and relax and do not miss this fascinating stage in Praiola di Giarre.


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