Acireale’s thermal baths: an idea for a totally relaxing holiday in Sicily

acireale thermal baths

Is there anything better than some days in a spa to relax? Thermal baths, spa treatments… A couple of totally relaxing days. Without forgetting the pleasure to visit a unique place, a land to discover. Whatever is the month you have chosen to spend you relaxing holiday in Sicily, Acireale’s thermal baths are a great idea.


The thermal baths

Acireale’s thermal baths were officially founded in 1873. But, according to the tradition, the first thermal baths were more ancient. And they date back to the ancient Greek era, who built their thermal baths named Xiphonie (there’s no proof about the name) in this zone of the Oriental coast of Sicily. The structure of the Greek thermal baths was extended during the Roman era.

The modern Acireale’s thermal baths, inaugurated by the baron Agostino Pennisi di Floristella in 1873, were built in neoclassical style and with an English garden. Its water (sulfurous, bromine and iodine water, the same used centuries ago in the Roman thermal baths) is really effective against osteoarticular, rheumatic dermtological diseases.


How to reach

Acireale is a municipality with more than 50 thousands inhabitants in the province of Catania. It’s on a stretch of coast known for the beauty of the sea and for the presence of the sea stacks of Ciclopi.

To reach Acireale’s thermal baths from Catania:

  • Take the state road 114 to Acireale
  • Just right before entering the inhabited center, turn left and drive along via delle Terme

The trip lasts about 30 minutes by car.


More information

For further information about spending your relaxing holiday in Acireale’s thermal baths (opening times, price, treatments), you can visit the official site of Acireale’s thermal baths,


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