San Pancrazio 2015: the feast in one of the most beautiful place in Sicily

  • Published: 26-06-2015
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San Pancrazio’s feast 2015

Concerts in the Greek Theatre are one of the principal (and most waited) events of the summer along the east coast of Sicily. Would you like to take part to one of the most characteristic and picturesque event of this area? So, like every year, on July 9, 2015, there will be the San Pancrazio’s feast in Taormina, in the province of Messina.


San Pancrazio’s feast

San Pancrazio’s feast starts on June 29, when the statue of San Pietro reaches the San Pancrazio’s one and, together, they’re followed through to the Duomo. Where they stay until July 9, the day of the solemn procession that will carry the statues of the two saints around the roads of Taormina.

Why in the procession there are two statues? The story tells that San Pietro convinced Pancrazio to be baptized and had him ordained priest and then bishop of Taormina. There’s a beautiful Baroque church dedicated to Pancrazio that was built on the ruins of an ancient Greek temple.



San Pancrazio’s feast would be the best reason to do a trip in Sicily. But don’t forget that you’re in one of the most beautiful place in Sicily and the feast could be the occasion to admire the places to see in Taormina: the Greek theatre, Isola Bella beach, Catania and Messina are just some suggestions.


More information

If you want more information about San Pancrazio’s feast 2015, you can visit the official site of the municipality of Taormina,


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