Siracusa between tradition and devotion: the Feast of Santa Lucia 2017

  • Published: 7-11-2017
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Santa Lucia feast Siracusa 2017

Her martyrdom took place on December 13, 304. She was born in Siracusa, Sicily. And every year this city gives a tribute to her, which will be repeated in 2017: we are talking about the Saint Lucia Day.


The feast

  • November 30th. Officially, the Santa Lucia Day begins on the afternoon of November 30, when the music band marches through the streets of Ortigia. This event marks the beginning of the so-called “tredicina”, that is the 13 days preceding the real feast, and is made up of prayers and other religious moments.
  • December 13th. It is the true day of the Feast of Saint Lucia. In the afternoon, in Piazza Duomo the procession that brings the simulacrum of the saint to retrace the stages of his martyrdom begins, crossing the streets of the city. After greeting the sailors who have fallen in battle at Porta Marina, the statue reaches the Basilica of Santa Lucia al Sepolcro, where it will remain for the next seven days.
  • December 20th. Also called the ottava, the statue of the saint, following another path, is returned to Ortigia. The return to the cathedral is greeted with the show of fireworks.



Although the religious element will be overwhelming, the Saint Lucia Day may also be an opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful cities in Sicily. In particular, to make the most of your time, we can suggest an excellent itinerary to visit Siracusa in one day.

Here are the steps:

  • Aretusa Source;
  • Cathedral;
  • Temple of Apollo;
  • Castle Maniace;
  • Archimede’s Tomb;
  • Greek Theatre;
  • The Ninfeo Cave;
  • Latomie;
  • Aqueduct Galermi;
  • Ear of Dionysius.

So, you will visit a city that you will not forget so easily, and not only for the great devotion that the people have in the Feast of Saint Lucia.


How to get

Leaving from Catania (one of the main ports for ferries to Sicily), just take the Catania-Siracusa motorway towards south. The car journey takes about an hour.


More information

For more information on the 2017 edition of the Santa Lucia feast in Siracusa (full program, any date changes, how to attend), you can consult the official website of the municipality of Siracusa,


Image source: Di Salvo Cannizzaro –, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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