What to see in Santa Margherita Belice, Sicily: the 5 most beautiful places

Santa Margherita Belice, Sicily


There are several small, picturesque and charming towns near Palermo. In particular, this itinerary will allow you to discover the most beautiful places in one of these towns: we are talking about Santa Margherita Belice.


1. The Gattopardo

The visit begins with a sort of mini-tour. Santa Margherita Belice could be defined “the city of the Gattopardo”: in fact, the young Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa spent long holidays in the family country house.

The three stages of this mini-tour:

  • Il palazzo del Gattopardo. It’s palazzo Filangeri di Cutò, home of the municipality.
  • Il museo del Gattopardo. It’s located in palazzo Filangeri di Cutò.
  • La villa del Gattopardo. Near the building there’s a wonderful garden with ancient trees.


2. Il Museo della memoria

The Museum of the memory houses historical photos about the Belice valley towns: you will discover nine villages as they were before the earthquake of 1968.


3. La villa comunale

The “Café House” (a small circular temple) and the statue of Flora (placed in front of the temple) are located within this town park.


4. Il Parco della rimembranza

Today, this park is one of the most beautiful green areas of the country, where you can enjoy a pleasant and relaxing walk. In the square, which is located in the centre of the park, there is a monument to the fallen.


5. Quartiere San Vito

Of this historic district of Santa Margherita Belice, hit by the earthquake, today there are only ruins.


Image source: Di P.Palermo – Opera propria, Pubblico dominio, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7712514

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