U fistinu in Palermo: it’s the 2016 edition of Santa Rosalia festival

  • Published: 13-06-2016
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Santa Rosalia festival 2016


In Palermo, it’s known as u fistinu. One of the most characteristic religious event dedicated to one of the most beloved saints. The one who saved the city from the plague. The 2016 edition of Santa Rosalia festival will take place from July 10th to 15th.


The legend of Santa Rosalia

It was 1624 and the plague decimated Palermo. In a dream, the saint revealed to an ambulant soap seller the place where he could find her remains. If they had carried them in procession, the plague would end.

And so it was. The remains were found in a cave. The first procession dedicated to Santa Rosalia took place on July 15th. Some days after, the plague ceased.


U fistinu

The festival lasts six days, from July 10th to 15th. During these six days, the sacred meets the profane: processions and tastings, pilgrimages and fireworks shows, both cultural and religious events and exhibitions.

The most important moment of u fistinu will take place on July 14th. In the evening, the statue of the saint is carried on a chariot from Palazzo dei Normanni to the sea. One on the seafront, will take place the fireworks show.


Between devotion and traditions…

…this six-days event is a great occasion to visit Sicilian capital city:

  • Since the protagonist of the festival is Santa Rosalia, visit its sanctuary is a real must.
  • To be sure, during these six days, to see the best that Sicilia capital city can offer, these are the ten most beautiful places in Palermo: from Palatine Chapel to Ballarò, from Pellegrino mount to Mondello beach.
  • And July is maybe the best time to enjoy the several and beautiful beaches in and near Palermo: Mondello, Addaura, punta Raisi, capo Rama, Magaggiari, capo Gallo, Trabia, Cefalù.
  • Even the surroundings of Palermo have several places to see, such as Cefalù, Madonie Park and Isola delle Femmine.


Further information

For further information about the 2016 edition of Santa Rosalia festival 2016 in Palermo, you can visit the official website of the event, Comune.palermo.it.


Image source: Di Dedda71 – Opera propria, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4444294

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