Vacation to Sicily with kids: a day in the Science museum of Catania

Science museum Sicily

Its name is Ludum. But it is best known as Museo del Gioco scientifico di Catania: a science museum for children. And, if you are planning to spend a vacation to Sicily with the kids, especially along the east coast of the island, the Ludum might be a good idea for a day with the whole family.


The museum

The museum was founded to be an opportunity for children to meet, discover and (why not?) like science and technology.

  • The educational courses transform science into a kind of captivating and engaging journey.
  • Using games (instead of laboratory instruments), children learn that the laws of physics concern also everyday life.
  • Visitors can touch and understand the physical mechanisms behind every games.


How to get there

The Science museum of Catania is in the town of Misterbianco, in the province of Catania. To get to Misterbianco from Catania:

  • Take the state highway 121 (Paternò-Catania) towards Paternò
  • Follow the road signs to Misterbianco and take the county road 12

The journey by car takes about 20 minutes.


Further information

For further information about the Science museum of Catania (opening hours, ticket costs, guided tours, events scheduled), you can visit:


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