Dive spots in Sicily: the 3 most beautiful places for scuba diving

scuba diving in Sicily


Cylinders, mask and wetsuit are the first things in your suitcase. For you, holiday means discover colours and life of the sea. And for all divers who have chosen Sicily for their next vacation, these are the three places where you can find the most beautiful dive spots.

  1. Marettimo. One of the most beautiful and famous of the Aegadian Island. Renowned for its beaches, Marettimo is also appreciated by divers, enchanted by the variety of colours and life. Some of the best dive spots of this island are San Simone, punta Libeccio, grotta del Cammello e la Cattedrale.
  2. Palermo. Grotta dell’Olio, secca della Palidda, i Finestroni and the secca della Formica are some of the most beautiful dive spots in Palermo. Don’t forget Ustica Island: it’s a kind of tropical island in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea. And the wrecks are only for experienced divers: Junker 52, Capua, Kent, Arenella, Paulus V, Elpis I.
  3. Favignana. Again, after the wonderful beaches, it’s time for wetsuits and cylinders. The best dive spots of Favignana Island are isola Galeotta, cala Rotonda, secca del Toro, scoglio Corrente.

These are the best dive spots for scuba diving in Sicily. Some recommendations:

  • Check the equipment before diving;
  • Be sure you’re in good physical condition;
  • Prudence, always.
  • Since almost every dive spot we have suggested is located within marine protected areas, you can find further information visit MPA website.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/oettingde

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