Sicilian Christmas sweets: yummy and traditional recipes

Sicilian Christmas sweetsSicily is a place to see and to taste. Especially during Christmas holidays. In fact the typical and traditional Sicilian Christmas sweets are source of pride for this beautiful island.

Cuccìa – Sweet traditionally prepared on the occasion of Santa Lucia feast (December 13th), which introduces Christmas. Cuccìa is prepared with wheat, ricotta, sugar, dark chocolate.

Buccellato – One of the most traditional Sicilian Christmas sweets, ring-shaped. The main ingredients of the buccellato are lard, lemon, dried figs, raisins, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, honey and candied fruits.

Nougat – Maybe the Italian and Sicilian sweet par excellence. Almonds, sugar and honey are its ingredients.

Cubaita – Sweet of Arabian origin prepared with honey, sesame seeds, almonds and sugar.

Nucatuli – Typical Sicilian Christmas biscuits, prepared with flour and honey. These biscuits are filled with walnuts, hazelnuts, orange peel, honey and cinnamon.

Mostaccioli – Flour, orange peel, honey and an egg are the ingredients of this typical Sicilian sweet prepared on the occasion of Christmas. Mostaccioli are a sort of biscuits.

Sfinci – They are sweet fritters, and hold a place of honor in Sicilian pastry-making. Sfinci are prepared with eggs, lemon peel, powdered sugar, honey.

Cassata – One of the most famous Sicilian sweets ever, prepared with ricotta, sugar, sponge-cake, candied fruits. It’s always present during Christmas holidays.


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