Sicilian Easter sweets: the tradition of pupi con le uova

Sicilian Easter sweets: pupi con le uova

Surely, you know what are the pupi siciliani, the famous Sicilian puppets (and, maybe, you’ve already seen them). Just the name and the first thing that comes to your mind is the ancient and beautiful puppet traditions. But, in this case, puppets are not only to see but also to taste. Because they are one of the most typical Easter sweets of Sicily.

To be precise, we are talking about the so-called pupi con le uova (literally, “puppets with eggs”, pupi cu l’ova in Sicilian language). As already said, the Sicilian families are used to prepare them for Easter. They were placed in richly decorated baskets.

What are they, essentially? The pupi cu l’ova are sweets made with flour, sugar, lard (or butter), boiled eggs, vanilla and yeast. These ingredients make a flavourful shortcrust pastry shaped to form a Sicilian puppet. But not only: even hearts and doves accompany the pupi in the colourful basket.

If you are planning to spend this Easter 2016 in Sicily, surely you will be attracted by the mounth-watering scent of pupi cu l’ova. Belive us: taste them, or your vacation will never be complete.


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