Do you want to know which is the best part of Sicily? Find it out

Sicily best parts

Holiday in Sicily: don’t you know where to go? You are undecided because this island is big and there are several things to see. You are sure on one thing, you want to visit the best part of Sicily. And you can find it with this little and useful guide.


The beaches

This can be considered the main (but not only) attraction of Sicily. Its beaches are second to no others. And you want to know which are the most beautiful beaches of Sicily. Here you can find the top 10 beaches of the island.


The city

This island is rich in history and culture. It’s a place where, during centuries, different civilizations and dominations followed one another. They have left invaluable testimonies, especially in Sicily main towns. The most beautiful cities of Sicily are 7:

  • Catania
  • Siracusa
  • Ragusa Ibla
  • Trapani
  • Erice
  • Cefalù
  • Palermo



You don’t want to see the most beautiful beaches of Sicily but you’d like to stay in a part where there several beaches nearby. Dram beaches, obviously. In this case, the best parts of Sicily are two:

  • Eastern Sicily
  • Western Sicily


The islands

Sicily is an island surrounded by other islands. For your holiday you can decide to see the most beautiful islands of Sicily. Which are nine:

  • Favignana
  • Levanzo
  • Stromboli
  • Alicudi e Filicudi
  • Panerea
  • Lipari
  • Pantelleria
  • Lampedusa

The most famous and visited are Alicudi and Filicudi, Favignana, Stromboli, Lipari.


The places

This itinerary is recommended for everyone who wants to enjoy a holiday “on the road”. During which you will see the 10 most beautiful places in Sicily: Taormina, Etna, Ortigia, Ragusa Ibla, Valle dei Templi, Favignana, Erice, Segesta, Cappela Palatina (Palermo), Milazzo. It is a 10 days itinerary, along Sicilian coast from Messina to Milazzo.



Finally, you might find the best part of Sicily during one of these two tours:

  • Tour of Eastern Sicily
  • Tour of Northwest Sicily


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