Where to go on holiday in Sicily with children? Here are 5 great ideas for you

Holidays in Sicily wit children

Holidays in Sicily with children: where to go? The needs are many when traveling with the little ones. The destination must be easy to reach. In addition, there must be attractions and activities suitable for children, without forgetting that parents are on holiday.

Sicily is the perfect destination for you. And we can suggest five great ideas for organizing your holiday.


The beaches for children

Is your ideal holiday lying comfortably on a coastline where children can play in complete tranquility? Places of this kind must be of sand, large enough, with a bottom that remains low for many meters, easily accessible and equipped with a whole range of services. In other words, you need to know which are the best beaches for children in Sicily: Mondello, Playa, Torretta Granitola, Tre Fontane, Scoglitti. You can choose the destination of your holiday in the city where these beaches are located.


The city

The city of Sicily par excellence to visit with the little ones is the regional capital. In Palermo, there are many things to do with children. There are the Botanical Garden, the hidden Palermo tour, Villa Garibaldi where children can play in the nature, or you can walk around the city admiring the most important monuments.


Archaeological sites

They always exert a certain charm, especially on the little ones. Some of the most beautiful archaeological sites in Sicily are Segesta and the famous Valley of the Temples (not by chance, we are talking about two of the most beautiful places in Sicily). Be careful, however, in the long run the children get tired of running and walking.


Eastern Sicily

Organizing everything well and, above all, moving by car, for this holiday with children you could try a tour of Eastern Sicily in seven days: Messina, Taormina, Catania and Syracuse are some of the stages that you will touch during the itinerary.


Northwestern Sicily

Same thing as the previous idea but this time on the other side of Sicily, always in seven days, you can see many of the most beautiful places on the northwest coast, such as Palermo and Isola delle Femmine. Again, you must have a car with you.


Have you chosen where to go for your holidays in Sicily with children? So now you just have to book the ferry trip in time.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/fumigraphik

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