Sicily to discover #4: installation and itineraries of Fiumara d’Arte

Sicily to discover: Fiumara d’arte

A trip in the art and the nature. Made of artworks and contemporary installations that are along the banks of an ancient flume. It’s Fiumara d’Arte, the fourth stage of our trip in the Sicily to discover.


What is Fiumara d’Arte

For the ones who don’t know, Fiumara d’Arte is an authentic open-air museum, composed by the installations of some contemporary artists. These artworks are installed along the banks of Tusa flume, today nothing more than a torrent, that starts from Nebrodi mountains and arrives at the ancient city of Halaesa.


Artworks and itineraries

La materia poteva non esserci, Una curva gettata alle spalle del tempo, Stanza di barca d’oro, Energia mediterranea, Labirinto di Arianna and Arethusa are just some of the installations of Fiumara d’Arte. To visit them there are 4 itineraries of different durations, from 2 hours to an entire day.


How to reach

Castel di Tusa, in the province of Messina, it’s the starting point of all itineraries of Fiumara d’Arte.

  • Starting from Messina, take the A20 motorway to Palermo and follow the road signs to Tusa. The trip is about an hour and half long.
  • Starting from Palermo, take the A20 motorway to Messina and follow the road signs to Tusa. The trip is about an hour and a quarter long.

More information

If you want more information about Fiumara d’Arte (itineraries, prices), you can visit the official website,


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