Sicily to discover #3: Gangi, an ancient village in the Madonie park

Sicily to discover: Gangi

After the enchanted Garden and Cusa’s cove, the trip in the Sicily to discover starts from Palermo. Located about 120 kilometers far from the principal city of Sicily, on a high ground in the Madonie park, there’s a little and wonderful hamlet, considered one the most beautiful in Italy. We’re talking about Gangi.


What to see in Gangi

  • The castle. Built  by Enrico Ventimiglia between the end of XIII and the first decades of XIV, it’s the symbol of Gangi. It’s 1000 meters a.s.l. and today there’s just a wing, which is a private property.
  • Saint Paul’s church. It’s in the square of the same name. Built in the XVI century, the most beautiful part is the gate, which is fully decorated.
  • Abbadia church. Built in the XVIII century, it’s near Saint Paul’s church.
  • Bongiorno-Li Destri palace. It was built in the XVIII century and today it’s the seat of communal offices. You should take a look to all the frescos that are inside.
  • Popolo’s square. It’s the real centre fo Gangi. Here there’s the Town Hall, a wonderful example of Neo-Gothic architecture.
  • The Mother Church. Dedicated to San Nicolò from Bari, the church could have Roman origins. Today the structure is connected to “Ventimiglia’s tower”. Decorated with stuccos of the 17th century, inside the church there’s the Last Judgment, the most famous piace of art of Giuseppe Salerno, the “Zoppo di Gangi”.
  • Rock-shaped fountain. It’s in the same square of the Mother Church. There’s a lion that drinks from the fountain.
  • San Cataldo’s church. Built in the XVI century and renovated at the end of the XIX century, this church could have Norman origins.
  • Holy Savior’s church. Here there are two really important artworks: the “Crocifisso” by fra’ Umile da Petralia; “La caduta di Cristo sotto la croce”, by the Zoppo di Gangi (maybe).


How to reach Gangi

To reach and discover this little jewel of Sicily from Palermo, take the A19 motorway to Cefalù. After 23 kilometers, follow the road signs to Castelbuono, Geraci Siculo and finally Gangi. The trip is about 120 kilometers long. It should take 1 hour and half.


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