Sicily to discover #5: excursion on the slopes of monte Cofano

sicily cofano mount

There are two “classic” tours during every holiday in the western Sicily: they are San Vito Lo Capo and Scopello. In occasion of the fifth stage of our little trip along the Sicily to discover, we suggest to you a less known place, which deserves a visit: it’s the Oriented Natural Reserve of monte Cofano.

You’re in the province of Trapani, easy to reach from Palermo. Cofano mount is a mountainous promontory in the gulf of Bonagia. It’s in the territory of the municipality of Custonaci (which deserves a visit), along the coast from Trapani to San Vito Lo Capo.

The main points of interest of the  Oriented Natural Reserve of monte Cofano are:

  • Gorgo Cofano (a circular water pond that houses a rich variety of shellfishes)
  • Grotta Mangiapane or Grotta di Scurati (it’s near Scurati, the cave had a little group of inhabited homes until the first half of the last century, today houses a living nativities scene during Christmas period)
  • Torre della Tonnara di Cofano (it’s the only tower in Sicily with a square star-shaped plan with four points)
  • Torre di San Giovanni di Cofano (square-planned, the tower is on a steep slope of Cofano mount)
  • Abisso delle Gole (a cave that sinks in the ground for 120 meters)
  • Calette di Frassino and Tuono

And there are three way of access to the reserve:

  1. Sentiero del mare, from Cornino to Castelluzzo bay
  2. sentiero Baglio, on the eastern side of Cofano mount, from Baglio Cofano to Tonnara di Cofano
  3. sentiero Scaletta, on the foothiils of the southern side

Who should go to the Oriented Natural Reserve of monte Cofano? Surely, all the trekking and excursion lovers, who have the possibility to immerse themselves in the inestimable protected nature of this natural reserve.


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