Last stage of the journey in the Sicily to discover: La Timpa

la timpa

This itinerary in the Sicily to discover reaches the seventh and last stage. And the Oriented Natural Reserve of La Timpa, in the municipality of Acireale (near Catania), is absolutely the best way to conclude this journey.

For “well-trained eye”, La Timpa immediately reveals its nature. To the ones who don’t see often this kind of panoramas, it will offer a unique and wonderful sight. It consists in a long lava ridge that reaches 80 meters of height. It goes from Acque Grandi (in the hamlet of Capomulini) to the hamlet of Santa Maria degli Ammalati.

A place like this is an authentic naturalistic treasure, habitat of numerous animal species. The fauna is formed mostly by predators. Moreover, here nests the “occhiocotto”, a Mediterranean bird with a black cap and a grey plumage. Talking about the flora, it consists in some typical Mediterranean pioneer plants.

To visit La Tampa, we suggest you the most suggestive way. At the basis of the central part of the cliff there’s the fishing village of Santa Maria La Scala. The village can be reached by walking along a staircase that, from the inhabited center of Acireale, goes towards the part of the lava ridge that is called “le chiazzette”.


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