Slow travel in Sicily: discover the Riviera dei Limoni in 7 stages

Sicily east coast: Riviera dei Limoni

Slow travel means, literally, enjoy slowly the destination chosen for the holiday, walking and/or cycling. If this is your ideal vacation, then the next destination is decided: this is the so-called Riviera dei Limoni (literally, “coast of the lemons”), along the east coast of Sicily.

  1. Acitrezza. A small village by the sea, easy to reach from Catania, a very lovely town. There is a place, in particular, where the beauty of nature meets the charm of the legend: the Stacks of the Cyclops.
  2. Aci Castello. It could be considered the village by the sea par excellence. Aci Castello has a very ancient history, as (among other things) the castle of Aci and the Greek-Hellenistic necropolis demonstrate.
  3. Acireale. Welcome to the capital of Sicilian Baroque: if art and architecture are your passions, you’ll love Acireale. From culture to nature: la Timpa, near Acireale, is one of the most precious jewels of Sicily.
  4. Riposto. Its nickname is “the Port of Etna”, for boats that stopped here to take on wine. Today, Riposto is a peaceful and relaxing fishing village.
  5. Randazzo. It is an ancient medieval town. Where you can find the remains of three very different districts: are the Greek district, the Latin district and the Lombard district.
  6. Giardini Naxos. The first Greek colony in Sicily is also a very lovely place to visit.
  7. Taormina. It is the stage of this journey to discover Riviera dei Limoni and Sicilian east coast. In Taormina the things to see are several, such as Isola Bella beach and ancient Greek theater.


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