Taste and traditions: 10 typical Easter cakes of Sicily

Sicilian cuisine is made of ancient traditions, many of which are linked to the Easter period. Like the typical Sicilian Easter cakes: treats to taste during a trip to this land.

  1. Cassata. Sweet that would not even need any introduction, with its ricotta-based filling. In some areas of Sicily a particular variant is prepared, which includes the use of almonds among the ingredients.
  2. Cassatella. The sponge cake is cut transversely so as to obtain small loaves. These are then seasoned with ricotta, chocolate, candied fruit.
  3. Cubbaita. Honey, sugar, almonds and sesame are the ingredients of these crunchy turbot. It’s also called giuggiulèna.
  4. Lenten biscuits from Catania. Famous variation of this Sicilian Easter cake. Catanese Lenten biscuits are prepared with candied fruit, ground toasted almonds, sugar, eggs, gum arabic and pistachio.
  5. Lenten biscuits from Palermo. Unlike the people of Catania, the Palermo-style queso cookies are also prepared with cubed orange peel, sugar, pistachio and whole eggs. The dough is given the shape of small rolls that are then baked in the oven.
  6. Palummeddi. Characteristic of the Monti Iblei area, they are made with sweet dough or with barley and rice flour. In some areas of Sicily, they are also called pupi cu l’ova.
  7. Little lamb of sugar paste and carnation. These are cakes in the shape of a little lamb, hence the name. The ingredients are flour, sugar and cloves.
  8. Marzipan lamb. The main ingredients are almonds, sugar, flour, cinnamon. Also in this case, the shape of the cake is that of a lamb.
  9. Dinner puppets. Also known as “Pupi di zucchero”, they are prepared by pouring liquefied sugar into special terrines of various shapes.
  10. Easter puppets. The last of the sweets to be tasted absolutely during an Easter trip to Sicily are the so-called Easter puppets, a recipe that involves the use of leavened bread dough, eggs, sugar, sweet almonds, flour and butter.

Now, to taste them, you have two possibilities: to test your cooking skills in the kitchen; book a ferry to Sicily and taste the typical Sicilian Easter cakes directly in their homeland.


Image source: Flickr.com/photos/matte0ne

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