The 10 most beautiful beaches to see in Sicily

Sicily most beautiful beaches

See them is the desire of every vacationer. Who is looking for a relaxing holiday. Who wants to feel the pleasant sensation to be in a pristine, uncontaminated place. Sandy or rocky, very crowded or less frequented, these are the 10 most beautiful beaches to see in Sicily.

  1. Cala Rossa. A rocky amphitheater that slopes gently toward the sea, turquoise and incredibly transparent, on the island of Favignana. Not to be missed.
  2. San Vito Lo Capo. You will admire one of the most beautiful beaches not only of Sicily but Italy. In the province of Trapani, near Palermo, the beach of San Vito Lo Capo is three kilometers of fine white sand, with turquoise water.
  3. Cefalù. There are so many beaches that it’s hard to say what is the most beautiful: Lungomare (“waterfront”), Caldura, Salinelle, Capo Playa, Mazzaforno, Sant’Ambrogio, Finale di Pollina.
  4. Scala dei Turchi. It is located near Porto Empedocle, in the Province of Agrigento. A beach simply spectacular: it’s a long white cliff that the wind and the sea shaped like a staircase.
  5. Isola delle Femmine. From this municipality the visitor can quickly reach the most beautiful beaches of Northwest Sicily, such as Balestrate, Cinisi, Terrasini. Don’t forget the beach of Isola delle Femmine, a small stripe of golden sand.
  6. Isola Bella. One of the most beautiful places of the whole Sicily. Near Taormina, it’s a small rocky island linked to the mainland by a short isthmus.
  7. Baia dei Conigli. A very small bay located on the island of Lampedusa. The name comes from a small island near the coast. Relaxation assured.
  8. La Playa. Do you like long (in this case very long) stretches of sand, easy to reach and with all the services you could wish for on a beach? So the destination for you is la Playa, on the coast of Catania.
  9. Lo Specchio di Venere. It’s name means “mirror of Venus”, in Pantelleria Island. The beach surrounds a lake of volcanic origin, renowned for its hot water.
  10. Riviera dei Ciclopi. This rocky coast is famous for the Fraglioni dei Ciclopi (“stacks of Cyclops”).

These are the 10 most beautiful beaches of Sicily. Now you can see them all.


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