Sicilia: where Mediterranean sea meets Ionian sea

Sicily where the two seas meetIt is a symbolic place of Sicily. Portopallo beach is located at Capo Passero (in the province of Siracusa), the southernmost point of the island. There is the so called Isola delle Correnti (“Island of Currents”) in the sea not far from the shore. This is the place where the two seas meet, the Mediterranean and the Ionian.

It’s a white sand and several kilometers long beach. Small white cliffs emerge from the sea. The beach is surrounded by suggestive dunes.

The presence of the aforementioned Island of Currents contributes to make the area even more special. The name comes from the strong currents that surround the island, the currents are created by the two seas. The island is connected to the mainland by a sort of rocky walkway that is often damaged just by the force of the waves.

A place such this is a real, authentic small paradise for windsurfing and surfing. And the beach is ideal for relax.

And, in addition to this, there are the real protagonists, the two seas. Where Ionian sea and Mediterranean sea meet is a good idea for an excursions during you holiday in Sicily.


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