Holidays in Sicily where to go: 4 ideas for your journey

Sicily where to go

Holidays in Sicily: where to go? This is your question. Because you have decided to visit this ancient and beautiful land. But it is the first time you go there. And here you can find four good ideas, one for each season.


In summer

July and August, there would be no need to say, are the most crowded months for a journey in Sicily. The main reason is one: its beaches. If your holiday will be in summer, you can find the most beautiful beaches of Sicily:

  • Along the west coast
  • Along the east coast


In autumn

September, October and November: during these months Sicily isn’t crowded, temperature are mild and the weather is wonderful. And you can do the last baths of the year.

In addition to this, autumn is the ideal season to visit the several Sicilia cities. Two above all:

  • Palermo
  • Catania


In winter

Maybe you don’t know (such as a lot of people) but Sicily is wonderful to see even in winter. During December, January and February there are the cities to visit and the several events, such as Christmas and Carnival, that you cannot miss.


In spring

When temperatures return do be hot, it’s the right time for a trip to Sicily: March, April and May are recommended to all those who want to travel and visit the several places to see in this island. Are you among them? There are three tours right for you:

  • tour of eastern Sicily
  • tour of northwestern Sicily
  • tour of the most beautiful places of Sicily


Now that you know where to go in Sicily, there is only one thing left to do: book a ferry ticket to Sicily.


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